Commission of Inquiry into the Quality of
Condominium Construction in British Columbia
Submitted to the Lieutenant-Governor in Council
Government of British Columbia
by Dave Barrett, Commissioner
June 1998


The Commission of Inquiry into the Construction of Condominiums had to operate in a very tight time frame, which involved extensive demands on those involved. This task could not have been completed without the support and assistance of the Commission's advisors and support staff.

The Commission is deeply appreciative of the extensive support provided by advisors Peter Leask, Q.C., and Robyn Allan. Mr. Leask's legal background and Ms. Allan's economic and financial background, particularly in the residential construction industry, was invaluable in preparing this report.

Also, I would like to thank Anne Murnaghan, Donna Reid, Corey Schultz, Tom Sinclair, John Ayerbe, and Regina Weaver for their hard work, and dedication.

Finally, I would like to express my appreciation to the hundreds of homeowners who came forward at the Public Hearings, or who wrote extensive submissions to the Commission, outlining their experiences. It is my hope that the analysis and recommendations contained in this report will ensure that their experience will not be repeated and that BC families and individuals will have quality residential construction in the future.


Additional copies of this report are available from:

Communications Branch
Ministry of Municipal Affairs
PO Box 9490 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria, BC V8W 9N7

Telephone: (250) 387-4089

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