Commission of Inquiry into the Quality of
Condominium Construction in British Columbia
Submitted to the Lieutenant-Governor in Council
Government of British Columbia
by Dave Barrett, Commissioner
June 1998

Chapter Three: Plan for Action Continued


Order of the Lieutenant Governor in Council

Order in Council No. 0517 Approved and Ordered April 17, 1998


Executive Council Chambers, Victoria

On the recommendation of the undersigned, the Administrator, by and with the advice and consent of the Executive Council, orders that

  1. A Commission be issued under the Great Seal pursuant to section 8 of the Inquiry Act appointing David Barrett a sole commissioner to inquire into and report on the matters and in the manner set out in the attached Terms of Reference.

  2. The entitlement to reimbursement for living and travelling expenses incurred by the commissioner appointed under section 1 is equivalent to the entitlement approved by Treasury Board for Managerial employees in Group III.

  3. Consent is given to the commissioner to appoint clerks and stenographers the commissioner considers necessary for the conduct of the inquiry, and to pay them at rates or salaries that are equivalent to the rates or salaries paid to employees in similar positions in the public service.

  4. To assist in achieving the objectives of the inquiry, the commissioner may appoint or retain counsel, research assistants and professional advisors that the commissioner considers appropriate and the rates, fees and expenses applicable to these appointees will be those established by the Attorney General.

  5. The commissioner shall receive $725 for each day spent in the work of the inquiry.


Minister of Municipal Affairs   Presiding Member of the Executive Council

(This part is for administrative purposes only and is not part of the Order.)

Authority under which Order is made:

Act and section: Inquiry Act, section 8

Other (specify): o.c. 607/96

April 16, 1998736/98/13/mk


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