Executive Summary

Report of the Gove Inquiry into Child Protection in British Columbia


Child, Family and Community Service Act

Record Number Topic Section Number Interim Report Status
68 Guiding principles: safety and well-being of a child -- paramount considerations 2 Implemented
69 Right of child to early determination of decisions is paramount 2 (g)

70 Initial temporary care order of six months for children under 5 years 43

71 "Care" of child to relative or friend which ministry supports to include ability to give routine "parental consent" 8

72 Use of summons as option to removal to bring child protection case to court New

73 Director to be able to leave child with a parent after "removal" 32

74 Right of child to access to parent or former foster parent 56

75 Right of child and youth to express views and attend court and other proceedings 70

76 Appeals to the Court of Appeal 81

77a Define "aboriginal ancestry" 1

77b Early determination of "aboriginal ancestry" 1

78 Cultural heritage to include cultural identity 4

79 Emotional harm to include "likely to be harmed" 13

80 All reports of child needing protection should be investigated 16

81 Reporting results of all investigations 16

82 When a director does not proceed -- "third party" application New

83 Court order when director denied access 17

84 Court order when director denied information 17, 65

85 Family conferences should not be mandatory 20

86 Family conferences only where child's safety ensured 20

87 Director's right to enforce custody New

88 Notice to foster parents before child has moved New

89 Timing of applications for Continuing-Custody Orders 49

90 Child Welfare Review Board 83

91 Withdrawal of cases without court approval 23, 33, 48

Source: Gove Inquiry Research

Child, Youth and Family Advocacy Act

Record Number Topic Section Number Interim Report Status
92 Power to report and comment publicly 11 Implemented
93 Remuneration consistent with other Officers of the Legislative Assembly 14 Implemented
94 Protection of complainants 10.1 Implemented

from Quality Assurance

36A Advocate is to advocate on behalf of children and youth 2 Under study by the Advocate
36B Mandate of Advocate over designated Acts and services 2

36C Authority of Advocate to appoint legal counsel 5 Under study by the Advocate
Source: Gove Inquiry Research

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