Executive Summary

Report of the Gove Inquiry into Child Protection in British Columbia



One of the conclusions to be drawn from Context For Change is that the many changes to British Columbia's and other jurisdictions' child protection systems over the years have, by and large, been driven more by political considerations than by a principled assessment of what will best meet the needs of children. However, if we are serious about protecting our children we need a system that puts children at the centre, that delivers services which meet children's needs, that places a premium on professionalism and competence, and that continually improves the services it provides.

By examining the history of child welfare and the attempts made to reform it over many years, and considering what I had learned in Matthew's Story, it became apparent that I would have to closely examine the way in which social workers did child protection work before I would be in a position to explore change.

To do this, I contracted with experts in various fields to examine the delivery of child protection services. Their research provided me with information about what the ministry policy dictates, how services actually are provided and, where appropriate, recommendations on how to do things better. The research papers themselves came to over 2,000 pages.

The Delivery of Child Protection Services summarizes this research; synopses of some of the papers which may be of interest are found at the end of this volume.

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