About the Order in Council and
Ministerial Order Resumes

The Resumes are reports of the decisions of the Lieutenant Governor in Council and Ministers. The Resumes are issued for informational purposes only.

Orders in Council are official documents implementing Government decisions concerned with the day-to-day operation of the Province.

The Resumes include the Order in Council identifying number; the originating Ministry; the name of the Act which provides the authority for the Order; and a resume of the subject matter.

From time to time, Orders are made by a Minister that do not require the approval of the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

These Orders will be included in the Resumes under a separate heading entitled “Ministerial Orders.”

A format similiar to Orders in Council will be followed indicating the number, date, ministry responsible, statutory authority and a brief resume of the subject matter.

It is hoped that this information regarding Orders in Council will prove to be of benefit to you and the people of British Columbia.